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Dear FutureMix,
yesterday you were very angry about my questions (but i know you liked one about Hitler) and just now you told that u want me to live with you, so..if you read it with me -im 100 percents happy) i dont know what would be in 3 years( hope toni finally has found smb from his city, his country and smb who loves him as you do) and you dont know, but in summer 2012 and autunm 2012 i had the greatest time with you, i want to come to Thailand with you, i want to make you nervos ,to kiss you, to become serious (but not too much, cause you love me shiny and clumsy) to make plants with, belive in you, in everything you do and support you ,and of course to ask make me massages or present me smb with strong hands who will be doing this for me, and sitting with you in the cafe drinking whiskey and beer ,and to hate cats with you, and live in our amazing flat with photos of your brothers and friends and just pictures from the internet. you are my superman my spiderman my unti hero,my "john legend-tonight" ,my best lover and just main Asian) i know that all my dreams came true and i want yours too badly) at 21 oct you told me my first real " i love you" form smb who really meant this. i want to thank you for every moment we had together ,every moment has a big value for me) you r my teacher and i know you ve changed all my mind and life. anyway i became better and more young and more beautiful)i wanted to write you smth funny but hope you're smilling... want to hug you from the 23/10/12.. in the past we afraid about the future -but looking back we can see that there is no sence to worry -remember all the best about how it was between us at the beginning

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