Happy-happy birthday!!!


I have decided to make you a surprise today, at 29th of September!
It's an email to future from present, but at the moment you are reading it, it’s already past.
I am now sitting next to Saint Paul's cathedral thinking of... Nothing actually)) or maybe just about future, which is going to be great!)) it's 1.27 in the morning, very calm and again a bit cold)))
We will probably never meet again (now I think, most likely): thank you for all that bright feelings you brought me, it was precious and will probably stay with me as warm and nice memories.
But this is not what I wanted to say. I am going to congratulate you with a new year and wish a happy new life, the one you can imagine to be good for you, with lots of pleasant discoveries and the dreams coming true. Let only positive thoughts and people surround you and happiness to accompany you every new day.
I am trying my best now to release all the pure and positive energy, which I am having towards you, to separate it and send to the future (hope it will evolve then and bring something good for you). I let it go – I think, that’s a better use of it, rather than keeping it with me. Sorry, this time I am not calling you with sorries for not coming and not waiting for you to collect the present))) I believe, some huge-huge and tasty birthday surprise from destiny is waiting for you somewhere in the nearest future and you go and get it soon.
Hope, now both of us are doing very well and the congratulation message will bring a smile and sun on your face ?


And you are so-so right actually :)

из 2014-09-29 в 2014-11-23

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