Hope you read this letter and hope you get your diploma already.
What can you tell me now, are you happy? Have you got a work you love? Have you got a girl you love or a boy (haha).
I wanna tell you somethings about my feelings now. I'm not sure hydrology is the way of your heart, don't think you want to be a specialist of this way of knowledges, but you will not change this track. But don't think all so bad, you like your main subject and who knows, perhaps you will like it in future.
I want to know do you still have links with people you call friends: Albert, Shami, Ruslan, Azat, Sergey? I hope you do. Because now you can call some of them as your family, the most close people to you. Hope everything is ok with your family.
Did you do somethings from your list of the wish you have to do until you young and full strength. Did you improve your English to the level you wanted to use it? I hope you did.
Do you remember your trip to Kazan? Did you meet with Evgenia Popova? What can you tell me about that girl now? Did you lost your virginity with her? Hope you did, lol.
Did you find a language with your groopmates, maybe some of them became your friend?
I want to tell you the pledge you said this New year when you were at Ruslan's home with all your friends. Don't be afraid to look like a fool, don't be afraid to tell the truth, don't be afraid to tell the things from your heart to show your feelings, be yourself. I want you to follow with these words in your head, I guess (today) this way is right.
Did you get an experience as a train conductor?
Today is a special day, it the 29 of february. It's a intercalary year. This letter you should get in 4 years.
So how did you spend this day, buddy?
Love you, always yours, I.

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