Hey, it’s me again…

Hey, it’s you from the past sending this letter to the future. Why this particular date? Because every September 1st you usually go to uni/school, and this year you will not, which is kinda sad, because you got used to it, and now you have take life more seriously and be adult.
I have some questions.
1) Did you manage to move to Ast? How is that? Where did you live? Where did you work? Do you able to pay your bills?
2) How was your master dissertation? Did you do it good?
3) How is your business going? Is it making any income? (Cause now it’s almost dead)
4) And final question, did you lose a weight? Yeah, I’m asking it all the time. Even if you don’t, just keep going, don’t give up, and at the end you’ll succeed.
Little part from the past. Now you are sitting at home in Blksh. Tota dancing right in front of you, Aza laying at the floor, mom & dad at the kitchen. It’s few day since New Years. You have completed your last semester (it was a lot of work). With Zh things got kinda tense, cause she is looking for attention that I can’t give her. And why would give her that? It’s not like she’s my gf or something.
With T things are different than it was before. You manage to keep him closer(I don’t know about his side) but anyway, you are not much interested in him, just want to keep him closer.
Well, that’s it. Good luck to you buddy. This year would be full of changes. And you’ll have to call for all your strength.

из 2023-01-02 в 2023-09-01

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